Today, we’re increasingly mobile. Moving effortlessly throughout the day from work to play, heading to the sports or travelling for business and pleasure, our lifestyles are more fluid and dynamic than ever before. We are surrounded with solutions for simplifying, organizing and streamlining our lives – but options for how to transport our toiletry products seem to fall short.

Introducing Tic Travel Bottles, each bottle contains removable internal containers that forma user-friendly travel dispenser. Lightweight and compact, TIC Travel Bottles can easily fit into a suitcase, backpack, toiletry or gym bag, so you can bring your favorite skin and shower products with you, wherever you go.

Smart Bottles for Life’s Travels, Easy to use, easy to pack. Travel made simple. TIC Travel Bottles are an elegant, intuitive and simple solution to travelling with skin and shower products.


  • Clear measurement markings so you can see when you’re running low.
  • Free cleaning tool and refill equipments.
  • Easy to mix and match interior containers depending on what you need.
  • Hand-held, lightweight cylinder shape that’s easy to pack.