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The story of TIC Travel Bottles, starts with a guy called Ben. Ben and his wife love to travel. But every time they would head away for a short escape, to visit relatives or plan a staycation, Ben would watch her buy dozens of small plastic travel bottles, fill them up with skin and shower products, painstakingly label them with stickers and then place them into clear plastic bags – just in case they leak or break in transit – which they often did. He could see that these bags were taking up a lot of space – and time.
So, Ben got to thinking. He even asked around some of his friends, did they do this too? Did they find it a frustrating, troublesome process as well? Turns out, they did.
Ben knew there had to be a simpler way and after he couldn’t find anything else out there in the market – he set out to create it himself. Hailing from a background in product manufacturing, Ben spent the better part of a year researching travel accessories, conducting market research, chatting to consumers, and brainstorming, drawing and prototyping to create what would eventually become, TIC Travel Bottles. So why are we here? Well, Ben wants everyone to enjoy the fun and freedom of using TIC Travel Bottles but he needs your help to make it happen.